Doug Atherton

Doug Atherton

Doug AthertonDoug is from Liverpool and is married to Deb. They have two grown-up daughters, Tina and Ruth, and a granddaughter, Willow Grace. Doug trained for the ministry at The Faith Mission (Edinburgh) and the Emmanuel Bible College (Birkenhead). He later conducted under-graduate studies in Theology and History at University College, Chester and post-graduate studies in Pastoral Theology at Cardiff University. He has served with OMS(UK) and engaged in pastoral ministry for over 20 years, initially with the Free Methodist Church before securing credentials with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He is currently serving as a mission-worker with the South Wales Baptist Association endeavouring to establish a new work for the Lord in the Lower Cynon Valley. He enjoys playing the guitar, reading and tries his best to keep-fit with the occasional work-out (‘trying’ the operative word)!



The Middle Lane

| 16 March 2018

“Don’t hog the middle lane!” This was the instruction that greeted motorists who travelled south on the M56 out of Manchester the week before last. I found myself giving mental assent. It’s probably one the most infuriating occurrences when a ‘middle lane hogger’ dilly dallies down the middle lane of a motorway with, it seems, complete disregard for their surroundings or the rules of the Highway Code. But why do people do it?

The FTSE 100

| 8 February 2018

My optician tells me I suffer from progressive myopia. In layman’s terms, I am short sighted!  I find the use of the word ‘suffer’ somewhat misleading, though, as my ‘condition’ is fully rectified by the use of corrective lenses.  However, sufferers of spiritual myopia are, potentially, in a very precarious place! They live in a world of the ‘now’, the world of immediate gratification.  In contrast, Christians are to be people who take a long-term view for, in the words of the Apostle Paul, “… we will reap a harvest if we do not give up,” (Galatians 6:9).

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